Precision Guard 360 was founded by local business leaders David Epstein and Mark Gordon, who spent much of their careers building multinational private and public companies that employed tens of thousands of employees globally.

Both are well-versed on the importance of protecting a workforce from illness within the millions of square feet they have overseen throughout their careers.

In 2019, the founders saw the opportunity to bring their people-centric mindset and experience in caring for large work forces into the world of disinfection. With the world heading into a new “normal” way of life, Precision Guard 360 has been prepared to meet the growing demand for disinfection. Flu, norovirus, and now Coronavirus fears are at an all-time high, and Precision Guard 360 is supporting the need for businesses and homeowners to lean into a new way of cleaning and disinfecting.

Why Choose Precision Guard 360?

Keeps homes and businesses healthier!

Kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs and bacteria.

Complete wrap-around protection for all surfaces outside the line of sight.


CLOROX TOTAL 360 600x819 New

Keeping Businesses and Homes Disinfected!

Precision Guard 360 leverages the top-tier technology formulated by Clorox, the most trusted brand for disinfection in the world. Utilizing electrostatic spraying techniques to disinfect across the business, including areas outside the line of sight, Precision Guard 360 products can reach and kill the germs, viruses and pathogens that could cause harsh damage to employees and customers.

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