Having run multiple businesses over the years, I can attest to the fact that protecting the health of the workforce is not a concept born from this pandemic. What has happened is that workforce health has been given the priority attention that it deserves!

Over the years, every flu season was always one of concern for us. We added extra cleaning to our sites and additional hand sanitizing stations where possible. One outbreak in any of our offices could have a ripple effect across the employee base and ultimately into their families.

The bottom line consequence is huge. In addition to lost production time from that employee or group of employees, there may be associated overtime expenses to have others cover a shift, or penalties from clients for missing deadlines or staffing requirements. This was significant in the Call Center industry in which one of my larger businesses operated globally.

There is also an inherent responsibility on behalf of leadership to protect their workforce to the best of their ability. This is not a class taught in business school, but a moral and ethical obligation that employers should take seriously.

In the new normal that we are living in, leaders have more than the flu or a stomach virus on their minds. They are factoring in social distancing, masks, hand washing and surface disinfection to the highest extent possible.

In speaking with potential clients of Precision Guard 360, we can feel the anxiety and worry that leaders are facing. As former leaders of very large workforces, each of us at Precision Guard 360 takes these concerns seriously and partner with our customers to develop carefully crafted plans that ultimately help our clients, as well as their employees and customers, sleep much better at night during these historic times.

It is my hope that long after the pandemic is behind us, these diligent habits to fully protect valuable workforces will be here to stay.