I vividly remember the days of arriving to an airport with just a few minutes to spare, breezing
through security and walking right onto the plane—shoes on, open water bottle in hand, and
no long lines. The attacks of September 11 th changed that, and the new normal requires 2-3
hour pre-flight arrival times and a series of safety measures to protect the safety of passengers
and crew alike.

As we live through this pandemic, life will simply not be the same once it is behind us. Just
about every human on the planet has developed a hypersensitivity to someone sneezing or
coughing within 6 feet of us, touching surfaces without washing our hands after, and the need
to use record of levels of hand sanitizer multiple times an hour.
Part of our new normal will be to maintain higher levels of surface disinfection as well. After
running several businesses that employed tens of thousands of employees globally, I have a
keen understanding of the importance of disinfection to prevent an outbreak among a

After living through 2020, all business owners will need to step up to this challenge and
proactively disinfect businesses and work environments to a higher standard. The bottom-line
impact for NOT doing so could be disastrous, and the negative effect on the workforce could be
catastrophic as we saw this year.

Business owners, heads of Human Resources, and Facilities Directors must plan for proper
disinfection now. The pandemic will one day fade, but viruses and pathogens have been here
and are not going away. This new normal is here to stay, and business leaders need to
thoughtfully rise to this occasion.

About the author:

David Epstein is one of the co-founders of Precision Guard 360, a sanitization and disinfection
company that utilizes a 3-step protocol to offer long-term protection from the viruses, germs
and pathogens we fear most.