The battle against viruses, germs, and pathogens lurking in homes, businesses,
and schools has elevated significantly in 2020. Disinfectants fly off store shelves
as fast as they are stocked, and everyone across the world is getting a degree in
cleaning and disinfection.

To be effective in the fight against germs of all types, it is important to understand
the right steps to take in fighting them. Degreasing, de-soiling, or preparing
surfaces from disinfection are critical steps that cannot be skipped. They are
important because in order to fully disinfect a surface, you have to remove all the

For example, in a kitchen, there might be food stuck onto surfaces. If not
removed, the disinfectant will only clean the surfaces it CAN reach. Germs and
bacteria lurking under the particles which are stuck will not be killed.
At Precision Guard 360, we take each step of the disinfection process seriously for
the schools, hospitals, businesses, and homes we service. Our first step consists of
using the sophisticated Electrostatic Sprayers to disinfect surfaces with a 360°
wrapping to ensure the integrity of the entire process. Step two is disinfection
using our EPA registered products according to CDC guidelines. The third step
includes a long-term surface protectant that repels these germs. The success of
this final step is contingent on steps one and two being done properly.
In the game of disinfection and protection, there are simply no shortcuts.
Understanding how to clean AND disinfect properly can ensure that businesses do
not experience viral outbreaks, families stay safer, and life in this new normal can
go on as peacefully as possible.

About the author:

Tony Ruggiero is a co-founder of Precision Guard 360. A former Facilities Director
overseeing millions of square feet globally, Tony has managed proper disinfection
procedures for over a decade prior to co-founding Precision Guard 360.